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Uncut Gems - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Daniel Lopatin
Catalogue Number
Release Date
13 Dezember 2019

A1. The Ballad Of Howie Bling
A2. Pure Elation
A3. Followed
A4. The Bet Hits
B1. High Life
B2. No Vacation
B3. School Play
B4. Fuck You Howard
B5. Smoothie
C1. Back To Roslyn
C2. The Fountain
C3. Powerade
C4. Windows
C5. Buzz Me Out
D1. The Blade
D2. Mohegan Suite
D3. Uncut Gems

Digitale Titelliste

  1. 1 The Ballad Of Howie Bling 8:26 Kaufen

    The Ballad Of Howie Bling

  2. 2 Pure Elation 1:01 Kaufen

    Pure Elation

  3. 3 Followed 1:32 Kaufen
  4. 4 The Bet Hits 2:51 Kaufen

    The Bet Hits

  5. 5 High Life 1:00 Kaufen

    High Life

  6. 6 No Vacation 0:54 Kaufen

    No Vacation

  7. 7 School Play 6:16 Kaufen

    School Play

  8. 8 Fuck You Howard 2:42 Kaufen

    Fuck You Howard

  9. 9 Smoothie 1:10 Kaufen
  10. 10 Back To Roslyn 2:02 Kaufen

    Back To Roslyn

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